Here are the Answers to the Top Questions about Cataracts

What is a cataract?

A cataract occurs when there’s a cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens. It can occur due to age, trauma or congenital reasons.

When should someone get a cataract surgery?

A patient needs to decide whether he needs the surgery or not when visual difficulties start to interfere with their daily activities such as reading or driving. It should also be considered if your work or hobbies are already affected. A doctor or surgeon may suggest cataract surgery on a case-by-case basis. This is because different people may experience various degrees of difficulty dealing with the symptoms.


How long will it take to complete a cataract surgery procedure?

The surgery will onlytake about 10 minutes. After the surgery, you will be resting in the hospital for 1 to 2 hours to allow the sedation to wear off before making your way home.

Is cataract surgery painful?

A lot of people who have completed a cataract surgery say that they felt no pain during or after the operation. Some patientsmayexperience a bit of discomfort such asscratchy sensation or mild soreness for about twenty-four hours after the surgery. Do not worry, and use the eye drops that are prescribed as instructed by the doctor.

How do they remove the cataract?

In this 10-minute procedure, your doctor will create a small 2mm opening on the side of the eye or the cornea. The cataract is then broken up into tiny pieces and removed via that small incision.Your doctor will then implant an artificial lens. This artificial lens is made of silicone or plastic that is folded into a small package. It will then be inserted into the eye and unfolded once it is in the correct position. It will permanently remain in this position and will not need any maintenance or replacement. The new lens will be part of the eye as it heals and will also help minimize the need of the patient to wear glasses after surgery.

Will the cataract come back after the surgery?

It is not possiblefor the cataract to come back after the surgery asthe lens of the eye has already been removed. However, a cloudy film may grow on the lens capsule membrane behind the lens implant. To remove it, a treatment called a “YAG Laser Capsulotomy” is needed. It is done using a laser in a simple in-office procedure that only takes a few minutes.

Do I still need to wear glasses or contacts after the operation?

With better technologies and different types of intraocular lens implants available in the market, a lot of patients are able to be spectacle independent after cataract surgery. However, the suitability and type of lens to be inserted would be advised by the surgeon when you go down for an assessment.

Are there restrictions after the surgery?

After the surgery,you will need to wearan eye patch to help with thehealing of your eye. You would also need to avoid carrying heavy stuff and doing water sports. Other than that, you are allowed to continue with daily activities such as reading, eating, watching television, and walking around your house.

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